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  • mandy.20.chicago suburbs. mommy to the beautiful kylie rayne.

    Do you really think that just because you have a job, it means that you don’t have to pitch in and help with Kylie every once in awhile? Do you really think that because you are making the money right now, you can’t change a fucking diaper at 3 in the morning then fall right to sleep? That being said, it is easier for you to fall back to sleep than I. Do you really think you “work harder” than me just because you do repairs on roofs and sit in traffic with your dad while I am taking care of another life.

    You know what’s unfair? The fact that you come home and get to relax and I am still doing my fucking job 24/7. While you are watching your shows and drinking beer, I am still changing diapers, making Kylie food to eat, giving her a bath, making bottles, washing the bottles, tending to a booty rash, doing laundry for YOU, me and her, also doing all the fucking dishes that YOU, MY DAD, MY SISTER, and MY BROTHER fucking make. NOT AM I ONLY DOING ALL THAT SHIT, I am still watching her. These are also things I do during the day while you are gone. (Let me just add on, all the walks I take her on and all the places I go to with her because I am trying to keep myself sane. I am so thankful that I met this friend that had helped me immensely. If it wasn’t for her I highly think I would have gone through fucking PPD or just depression in general.) anyways…..
    example: Yesterday you tried getting in the fucking shower while I was washing bottles for her and she’s clearly all upset. I said to you “you can’t wait until I am done?” as she is sitting in the bouncy seat all fussy and YOU HAVE THE FUCKING AUDACITY TO GIVE ME ATTITUDE LIKE IT WAS SO HARD FOR YOU TO FUCKING WATCH HER FOR A COUPLE MORE MINUTES UNTIL I WAS DONE. my bad.
    my fucking bad.

    Then when I think I can finally relax in bed, you want sex. You want fucking sex? Just because you work “hard” all day, you think you /deserve/ sex. Ha. Haha. Hahahahahhahahahha. Then you get frustrated with me because I don’t want sex? If I don’t want fucking sex, that means I DONT WANT FUCKING SEX. Stop laying there trying after I have said no, NO, N.O. Then you act like you feel so fucking ugly because I reject you after YOU’VE LITERALLY MADE ME FEEL LIKE COMPLETE SHIT ABOUT MYSELF and I still do ‘til this day but you’re too stupid to fucking realize that. (this is a whole other topic I could rant on about)

    I have said this before and I will say this again, I might as well be a single mom with child support.

    wait, there is more I am fucking ranting about.

    Not only am I doing all of this during the day, I forgot to take care of myself. I forget to eat, which has caused me to lose a lot of weight. I get told by your mother, your brothers, your brother’s girlfriend and anyone else that has to do with your family that “I am too skinny,” “eat a sandwich,” “you might have this ‘type in whatever disease the mom “knows” I have here.’” I am so fucking sick of your family telling me about how I look so skinny. SHUT THE FUCK UP. I fucking eat when I can and as much as i can. So, thank you family members for making me even more insecure about myself than I already am. Congrats. You are all doing a great job with making me feel like shit even though none of you should be talking.

    rant over.

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    I don’t know what I want.

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    black and white picture!

    Anonymous said: Did someone literally just call a baby ugly? CONGRATS DOUCHE YOURE A LITERAL PEICE OF SHIT. oh my god people are so petty. Your baby is beautiful. Fuck that person.

    right. whatever helps them sleep at night, I guess. I am not affected by it at all. obviously the photo is edited but it doesn’t make her less perfect in my eyes.
    and thank you! I appreciate the uplifting words.

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